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UPDATE: The Rational Response Squad has awarded all 1001 DVDs of The God Who Wasn't There to participants in the Blasphemy Challenge. If you want a copy of the movie, you'll have to buy it the old fashioned way at the official site. The following is provided for historical purposes:

The Rational Response Squad is giving away 1001 DVDs of The God Who Wasn't There, the hit documentary that the Los Angeles Times calls "provocative -- to put it mildly."

There's only one catch: We want your soul.

It's simple. You record a short message damning yourself to Hell, you upload it to YouTube, and then the Rational Response Squad will send you a free The God Who Wasn't There DVD. It's that easy.


You may damn yourself to Hell however you would like, but somewhere in your video you must say this phrase: "I deny the Holy Spirit."

Why? Because, according to Mark 3:29 in the Holy Bible, "Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin." Jesus will forgive you for just about anything, but he won't forgive you for denying the existence of the Holy Spirit. Ever. This is a one-way road you're taking here.

Once you have shot your blasphemous video, just follow these two easy steps:

1. Go to this link on YouTube to upload your video as a "Video Response" to the Blasphemy Challenge. (You can log in or register on that page if necessary.) Please put the URL somewhere in the text description when you upload your video.

2. When the video appears on YouTube, send the URL to this email address: Also include a complete United States mailing address* so we can send your free copy of The God Who Wasn't There.

That's it. We're only giving away 1001 DVDs, so blaspheme now. More questions are answered in the FAQ. View the press release here. View television coverage here. The God Who Wasn't There review. The God Who Wasn't There rebuttal.

*Sorry, no free shipping outside the United States on DVDs. But international blasphemers will receive $35 worth of Rational Response Squad radio show downloads instead, or you can opt to pay the $8 shipping and handling for the DVD.